How we must comply with the law...  How we must comply with the law...

Your passport details. Arrive at any rental property or establishment in Portugal, and the Owner of that property is legally bound to give your passport details, (within 3 days from when your passport was first scanned upon entering Portugal), to Immigration & Border Services (SEF).

A signature of the guest, or leading member ofa family or group, is also required - not that different from signing in a hotel really.

Immigration & Border Services (SEF), has the right to know where Foreign Nationals are staying in Portugal, and if the details of any persons staying in any accommodation are not given to SEF, then the Owner of the accommodation can face fines of 100 per person.

This might sound a bit daunting, but it will be (or should be), handled by the Owner of your accommodation. Stay in one our accommodations and this will all be dealt with - so you have no worries !