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Please complete and submit this reservation form to make a booking request for your chosen accommodation. When you submit your reservation form, your chosen dates will then show on the availability calendar as a 'provisional booking'. Your booking will then be confirmed with you by the property owner or booking agent.

Please note that the terms and conditions under which your booking is made are those of the property owner or booking agent.

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Dates: for 'arrival', please enter the date you will arrive at the property. For 'leaving', please enter the date you will actually vacate the property.

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if you will carry a mobile phone on your holiday with you, it can be useful for us to have your number (with country dialing code) in case we need to contact you.

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Please enter all your flight details. If you don't know these yet, please put 'TBA' under date and inform us later once you know. Under 'time' please put your expected arrival and departure times in Portugal. If you are not flying but coming by car or any other means of transport, please put 'other' under 'flight no.' and enter the time you expect to arrive at the property.

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