Vila Real beach Vila Real beach, Eastern Algarve, Portugal

The last stretch of beach in Portugal...

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Vila Real beach is the end of the line. Consequently, the Portuguese have built a great big long bund stretching out into the sea to stop all the nice eastern Algarve sand from drifting over onto the Spanish side of the river. Consequently, Vila Real beach gets deeper every year and the lighthouse recedes ever further from the sea.

Vila Real beach is a very under-utilised beach for some reason and even on the best of summer days you won't find many folk here, despite its close proximity to Monte Gordo. So there's plenty of space. It's also a good place to pick shells at low tide and the bund is a very popular spot to fish from.

Access to Vila Real beach

Access to Vila Real beach is by car or foot or cycle.

By car, follow the N125 right into Vila Real until you cannot go further and then follow the road right until you meet the coast road by the lighthouse. Turn left here and then right with the pine woods on your right and the river and old warehouses on your left. Follow this road until it joins a long bund stretching out into the sea. Carry on along the bund. Here you have two options: either (i) take the right turn that runs along behind the beach, park up and walk through the scrub and dunes to the beach, or (ii) carry on as far as you can go towardsthe end, park on the side and walk straight onto the beach or through the dunes.

If you are on foot or cycle, there is a nice path through the pine woods which starts near the lighthouse and which takes you all the way out to the beach.

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