Tavira beach Tavira beach, Eastern Algarve, Portugal

Fun in the sun in season, warm and welcoming in winter

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Tavira beach is at the far eastern end of Ilha de Tavira. Consequently, there is no beach to the left and miles of beach to the right. You will find that most people sit right where they arrive, and as the beach serves the large summer population of Tavira, there can be a high body count in July and especially in August. Having said that, if you like bodies - some of which are beautiful and others of which are less so - and if you like a good beach scene, then Tavira beach is the place for you in peak season.

Tavira beach has its own campsite, which helps give the beach a young, fun feel. It also has lots of cafés and restaurants on the beach, so this is a place to hang out on the beach and enjoy the people, the music, the colour and the activity.

However, if all that is not your thing, you can always walk right, along loads of sparsely populated beach, or simply visit Tavira beach outside of peak season when it is a quiet delight. To watch a short Tavira beach video, click the video below.

Access to Tavira beach

In the summer months, you can catch the big ferry from the centre of Tavira. The ferry leaves from the quay between the old market and the big road bridge. This way, you get a fifteen minute scenic tour along the estuary of the river Gilão in the Ria Formosa. Convenient parking for this ferry is all around the municipal market.

At any time of year, you can catch the little ferry that goes to Tavira beach from the quay at Quatro Águas. This is about two kilometres from the centre of Tavira into the Ria Formosa. It is then a short hop across the lagoon to the beach. There is lots of parking around Quatro Águas, though it is busy in summer. You can also catch the tourist train from Tavira out to here. If you walk out to Quatro Águas, it is a good opportunity for birdwatching on the way.

Once at the other side, you walk for a few minutes on a concrete path to the beach.

Facility Comment
life guard YES
cafe YES - lots
parking YES - Quatro`Águas or by the market
restaurant YES - lots
sunbeds YES
campsite YES
Facility Comment
sun shades YES
toilets YES
pedalos YES
canoes YES
volleyball YES

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