Santa Luzia beach Santa Luzia beach, Eastern Algarve, Portugal

Santa Luzia's hidden secret

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St Luzia's beach is known locally as Terra Estreita, meaning 'narrow land' as it is at the point of the Ihla de Tavira where it is at its narrowest between lagoon and sea. The beach has fewer facilities,is less busy andhas a calmer and quieter air than its two neighbours Barril - to the right - and Tavira - to the left.And hey, the boat ride out there is fun.

To watch a short St Luzia beach video, click the picture below.

Access to Santa Luzia beach

To get to St Luzia's beach, you catch one of the water taxis from the middle of the promenade in the town. A jetty with floating quay was built in 2008. The boats whisk you away - often alarmingly (or enjoyably) quickly - up the lagoon of the Ria Formosa in the direction of Tavira. They will drop you at a wooden pontoon on the other side, from where you walk ona wooden pathway over the dunes to the beach.

Facility Comment
life guard YES
cafe YES
sunbeds YES
Facility Comment
sun shades YES
toilets YES
canoes YES

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