Praia Verde beach Praia Verde beach, Eastern Algarve, Portugal

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Unlike any other beach in the Eastern Algarve, your first view of Praia Verde beach will be from above as you come out onto the edge of the pine-covered outcrop that lies behind the beach and gives the beach its name. It's a great view and you want to just fly straight down to the beach. But unless you've brought your hang glider, then you're just going to have to walk down the steps like everyone else. Walking left you eventually come to Monte Gordo. Walking right you will come to Altura. But there is plenty of space in between. Expose yourself on the beach or hide in the dunes.

Access to Praia Verde beach

Access to Praia Verde beach is by car and on foot. Turn off the N125 coast road and follow the road up through the pine woods and villas to the parking area. Abandon the car somewhere - anywhere - there is a space (preferably in the shade of a tree) and head towards the sea. Follow either of the long staircases down to the beach.

Facility Comment
life guard YES
cafe YES
parking YES - up the hill
restaurant YES
Facility Comment
sunbeds YES
sun shades YES
toilets YES

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