Faro beach Faro beach, Eastern Algarve, Portugal

Yes, even Faro has its own fabulous long beach...

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Faro beach isn't actually in the Eastern Algarve as its 'around the corner', facing south west. But we thought we'd tell you about it anyway as its so close to the airport you might want to pay it a visit.

Faro beach is long, built up - but not with high rise - and is very popular and busy in season. The busy-ness in season applies mainly to the car parking, because the beach is so long that there is loads of space. The back of the beach is scattered with cafés and restaurants almost all of the way along, so nowhere is far from a coffee, a beer, food or a toilet.

If you go left and park as far along as you can, you can walk out of the buildings and all the way to the wild tip of the beach, which is fabulous. On the lagoon side of the peninsula, you can watch the planes taking off and landing at the airport on the other side of the lagoon.

Access to Faro beach

You have options here.

Car or bus. You can drive out to Faro beach (or catch the bus), crossing over the single lane bridge and taking it in turns with cars coming off. On the other side, there is parking space in front, right and left, but don't expect much of it to be available on a weekend in August (in peak season, patience and perseverance - or luck - are required). Once parked, you just hop onto the beach.

Boat. Alternatively, you can take the ferry that leaves the pier by the walled town, which will drop you on the lagoon side of the beach, in which case you can leave the car in Largo de San Fransisco.


Facility Comment
life guard YES - in centre only
cafe YES - many behind the beach
parking YES - very busy in season
Facility Comment
restaurant YES - lots behind the beach
campsite YES
toilets YES

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