Fabrica beach Fabrica beach, Eastern Algarve, Portugal

Fáb-ulous beach to the end of the 'island'...

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Fábrica beach is the end on the Manta Rota peninsula. The beach dramatically became shortened in 2007 when the sea opened a new entrance in the peninsula much closer to Fábrica. Correspondingly, the beach at Cabanas got longer as the old entrance closed up. Having said that, there is still a lot of beach between Manta Rota and the end of the peninsula. The beach at the end of the peninsula is a beautiful spot to visit, and the lagoon shore is interesting to explore. And why not feast at the restaurant before or after your visit to the beach ?

Access to Fabrica beach

The most direct access to Fábrica beach is by small water taxi across the lagoon from Fábrica. Find somewhere to park then walk down the slipway to the left of the waterside restaurant and wait for the next boat. It's a very short crossing, especially at low tide. On the other side, you walk up over the dunes on the wooden path and come down to the beach.The other way of getting to Fábrica beach is to walk from Manta Rota beach - it is the same beach all the way along.

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