Cabanas beach Cabanas beach, Eastern Algarve, Portugal

Not just a beach, an entire island.

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The whole of Ilha de Cabanas is Cabanas beach, the most eastward of the barrier islands of the Ria Formosa before the Manta Rota peninsula. The access point to the beach is more or less in the centre of this island, so that you have loads of beach to both your right and to your left. To the left, the beach runs to the tip just before Fábrica and is emptiest part of the beach. To the right, the beach runs all the way to the barra at Tavira. Part way along this stretch is another access point for tourists staying at the Golden Club in Cabanas. And at the far end of the island locals from Tavira turn up in private boats.

The beach used to be home to a tuna station, which unlike the one still at Barril, has now disappeared under the waves as the sea has encroached.

As Cabanas is now becoming a major tourist centre, access to the beach is busy in season. But persevere, because once there, there is plenty of beach for everyone and it is quite beautiful.

Access to Cabanas beach

To get to Cabanas beach you take the small boat ferries from the landing stage in front of the 'beach' cafe's at the eastern end of the waterfront in Cabanas. There is parking right by the ferry boats, but this is obviously competitive in the middle of the season. The ferry boats take you across the short distance of the lagoon and drop you at the end of the wooden pier. It is then a short walk on the wooden walkway to the beach. To watch a short boat trip to Cabanas beach, click the video below.

Facility Comment
life guard YES
cafe YES - red cafe on stilts
parking YES - competitive in season
sunbeds YES
Facility Comment
sun shades YES
toilets YES
pedalos YES

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