Pricing information Pricing information

Some of our prices are quoted in Pounds Sterling (GBP) and some are quoted in Euros (EUR). We can accept payment in either currency.

If you want to convert the price from GBP to EUR or from EUR to GBP, you can simply contact-us and ask us what the price is in the currency in which you want to pay.

We will calculate the price for you as follows:

Our conversion rate is the ‘live mid-market rate’ on at the time of booking, plus 0.10.

Example 1.

Convert a price of GBP 100 into a EUR price.

Price of holiday= GBP 100
Mid-market rate GBP:EUR= 1.02
Our rate= 1.02 + 0.10 = 1.12
Euro price of holiday = 100 x 1.12 = EUR 112

Example 2.

Convert a price of EUR 100 into a GBP price.

Price of holiday= EUR 100
Mid-market rate EUR:GBP= 1.08
Our rate= 0.98 + 0.10 = 1.08
GBP price of holiday = 100 x 1.08 = GBP 108

If you are making two payments - a 30% deposit at the time of booking and a 70% balance payment two months before arrival - we will calculate the price in your chosen currency at the time of payment. The actual payments you make will therefore vary with variations in the exchange rate.

Depending on how and where you pay, the price we quote you may be higher where we have to cover the administration charges levied by the financial intermediaries (the banks, Travelex, PayPal) that we work with. We will tell you any such additional transaction charge before you pay.